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With 7,4 billion euro in turnover in Belgium, e-commerce has become an important sales tool for a fashion brand. Online shopping has enjoyed a meteoric rise, for many reasons – the convenience, flexibility and range of choice. On the flipside, online shopping is effected by the element of assumption.

"Research has proven that webshops with product videos, have the lowest return rate and costumers think more highly of these companies."

The greatest move forward for fashion retail, is the product video. Long gone are the days of product images. 360 brings you a short video of a model wearing of your selected product and see this in full 360 view. You will better understand how long the garment is, how it moves and, ultimately, make a better judgement call on whether or not this piece will work for you. In fact, a majority of consumers say that videos make them more confident in products they buy and less likely to return their orders. 

360 allows you to assign this project to a professional partner.

Jackie Lee teamed up with professional photo- and videoteam Jekyll ‘n Hyde to create an approachable package for e-commerce product videos, called 360, which you can easily integrate into your webshop. This package includes model choices, styling, location and set-up, video production and hair- and make-up. With the postproduction of a video, we can easily take out a frame. This frame has the same webquality as a picture. With one production, we allow you to have both video and photo looks of your collection. The comfort of outsourcing and the advantage of 2 productions in 1 budget can be found in 360.

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