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Jackie Lee: professionals with style and a powerful presence, modelled after Jackie Kennedy or lesser known as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. She is our example of timeless elegance, she knew how to take action and she was, in her time, already known as 'ahead of her time'. Now you understand our name choice. We stand for well-cared-for and innovative, and have models with that extra something which we won't explain but will make you experience. With personality, full focus and motivation, always with diversity as a starting point. 

Forget the standard expectation pattern and go for more. Trained models who know how to work, and that are constantly challenged and adjusted, with only one goal: to exceed your expectations. We do select strictly, of course. We haven’t grown into a leading modelling agency which is active throughout Europe just like that. 

The driving force behind Jackie Lee? Severine Nijs and her experienced and dynamic team. As an ex-model she could quickly spot opportunities for a different, more personal approach. A thorough selection, short follow-ups and the perfect match between client and model: for Severine and Jackie Lee, this is only natural. 

Jackie Lee is more than just a modelling agency. We are at home in fashion, we breathe fashion, but we are also at home in many other sectors, such as interior, lifestyle and automotive.  In need of a concept, an idea or a creative partner for your video productions on your website? We like to think along with you and make it happen.